Loose Papers


This is just a very small part of what I copied & typed years ago when I went to LVA.  There is so much history sitting there in boxes that nobody even knows about.  Other genealogists & librarians I know thought the same as I did, that these papers had been microfilmed but we were surprised to find out that wasn’t the case.  This didn’t only happen with Franklin County with papers sent to be preserved at LVA.  And it isn’t a matter of time, some have been there 40 years or more and never microfilmed.  I know Franklin papers were there even longer than that. 

Most researchers don’t know about the “loose papers”, what they contain or how to request copies. 

I am pretty sure what happened with the Franklin papers is they were sorted into categories and filed. There is no way a person can go to the Court Order books, look up an ancestor and find any real information.  The C.O. Books act as an index, they only give a brief description of the reason a person was in court, no details except in felonies and some misdemeanors and then only a brief description of the crime and punishment.

I have started a project of typing the information from the pages and the copies of the documents will be filed at the Clerk of Court’s office.  If you are interested in working on something that is interesting and will be available to future researchers please contact me, beverlym@swva.net.