Dear Friends,
    (Jane Williamson is a friend of mine in the Central Virginia Watercolor Guild. If you can spare even $10 it would help.) You may get this email a couple of times since I am using a couple of email lists. Please forward this if you can. This desecration of our history must be stopped.
    Please help!
   Diane Weber
Dear Artists and Art lovers:
               Jane Williamson here.
 I’m writing to ask your support for a non-profit organization that I am volunteering for here in Charlottesville – The Monument Fund, Inc. We (all of us volunteers) incorporated ourselves to mount a legal defense against the efforts of the Charlottesville City Council and a small, but vocal minority of citizens to remove the monument of Robert E. Lee from Lee Park and to rename the park.  A suit against the Council is set to be filed before the end of this month to defend this Registered Historic Landmark.  If you read the background statement that is attached to this letter you will learn something about the artistic value of these iconic monuments and some of the political history that has led us to this point.
Although I and my colleagues are volunteers, our lawyers are not.  For several months they have been painstakingly preparing a case to stop Council’s plan.  If you feel that preservation of our historic parks and monuments is important, PLEASE give as generously as you can to help us defray the costs of our legal efforts in this matter. 
Below you will find information on how you can contribute; and, attached, if you are interested, you will find more extensive notes on Charlottesville’s monuments and City Council’s attempt to encroach upon them.  Thank you for your consideration and apologies to those of you who may be receiving this appeal more than once and/or who have already contributed. If this describes you, please forward this information on to a friend.
P.O. Box 483
Charlottesville, Virginia 22902
               The CITY COUNCIL OF CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA voted on February 6, 2017:
·        to remove the Robert E. Lee monument from its 100-year resting place in Lee Park in the Court Square Historic District in downtown Charlottesville, alleging that it is a symbol of white supremacy (no destination or final cost specified, but a ballpark estimate of $330,000 has been suggested, which many think is too low by a significant margin).
·        to rename and dramatically reconfigure both Lee and Jackson parks.  The suggested budget for this part of the plan is $1,000,000.
·        On February 7, 2017, lovers of art, history and good governance, objecting to this action and operating under the umbrella of The Monument Fund, Inc. announced their intention to file suit to stop them. We disagree with the racial framing of this issue and believe further that a democracy does not eliminate its historical artifacts, but adds to them to tell a more complete story. Our lawyers expect to bring this suit by the end of March 2017.
·        Your generous contribution to The Monument Fund, {a tax deductible 501(c)(3) corporation} will help us prosecute our case to preserve the Robert E. Lee monument in its current location.  Any funds unexpended for legal fees will be used to preserve and maintain both the Lee and Jackson monuments and their surrounding parks.
To donate, you have two choices:
The Monument Fund, Inc.
P.O. Box 483
Charlottesville, Virginia 22902
(a) Go to
(b) Click on the "Donation" link at the top of your screen and follow the instructions
 (c) Then, check your in-box - you will find your receipt there